You couldn’t ask for a better time to purchase a new high efficiency HVAC system and/or indoor air quality for your home from an authorized contractor of the HERO Program in Riverside! Give us a call today to learn more about the HERO Financing Program.

Highlights of the HERO Program

  • No Credit Score Requirements
  • Low, Fixed Payments
  • Over 150,000 Eligible Products
  • Make Payments with Your Property Taxes
  • Balance Transfers to New Property Owner Upon Sale*
  • Interest is Tax Deductible**


  1. Check and accessible gas shut off valve and operation of flex
  2. Check for hard pipe at gas line
  3. Inspect heat exchanger with the Inspector, performing the HydroScan test
  4. Brush out heat exchanger
  5. Clean flue collector
  6. Clean blower compartment and check operation and pull
  7. Oil motor and blower bearings if necessary
  8. Check proper return, check and pull heat exchanger
  9. Vacuum heat exchanger, burner tray, blower compartment and around furnace nox rods
  10. Adjust all air mixture on burners for clean out cap
  11. Check and inspect flue pipe, clean out cap
  12. Check the seal at base of furnace
  13. Replace or clean filter
  14. Clean and replace burners and pilot assembly
  15. Check operation of gas pressure and controls
  16. Read manifold pressure
  17. Check fan and limit control
  18. Check fan operation
  19. Inspect condition of electrical wiring
  20. Check temperature rise on heat exchanger
  21. Inspect integrity of all accessible ductwork for leaks including: duct  strapping, hangers, sections, joints and seams, check for leakage at plenum above furnace
  22. Inspect all accessible ductwork for areas of moisture accumulation or biological growth
  23. Inspect integrity of all accessible attic insulation
  24. Clean return and air grill
  25. Calibrate thermostat