“Thanks for installing the Amana Heater and Condenser in our home. Our gas bill dropped 30% in one month! “

- Charles, San Bernadino, CA 2011

“It is with great appreciation for the services provided over several years that I am able to refer, without reservation, Ed Ballard and Avis. “

- Rick Brown, Diocese of San Bernardino, 2011

“Your technician recommended an Air Scrubber for my home and I am elated to say it has literally been a life changing event.”

- Robin, Riverside, CA 2011

It is with great appreciation for the services provided over several years that I am able to refer, without reservation, Ed Ballard and Avis Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning.

- Rick Brown, Diocese of San Bernardino, 2011

Thanks for installing the Amana Heater and Condenser in our home. Our gas bill dropped 30% in one month! Your service men were polite and courteous and left the work areas clean and orderly.

- Charles, San Bernadino, CA 2011

Your technician recommended an Air Scrubber for my home and I am elated to say it has literally been a life changing event. Three weeks after the Air Scrubber was installed I started feeling much better and am no longer on my nebulizer.

- Robin, Riverside, CA 2011

A yoga classmate told us about Avis and we highly recommend them. They showed us what they were doing each step of the way making us very satisfied, free from worry and thankful for a job well done.

- Linda, 2011

Thanks for having the on call technician at my house within 45 minutes and I only cost me $125.00 to fix my A.C. on a Sunday!

- Rick, Grand Terrace, CA 2010

It is a pleasure working with Avis. You have lived up to all your promises. Ever since you installed our new A.C. and Heater unit, our power bills were cut in half.

- Chris, Redlands, CA 12010

Thank you for repairing the airflow problem even though Avis didn’t installed the furnace. I also signed up for your maintenance program

- John, Redlands, CA 2011

Bob did a great job clearing our sewer line with a high pressure jetter unit. I didn’t think he would ever be able to clear the rock out of our line. I would only call your company because of the trust you have shown.

- Jack, Redlands, CA 2010

Thanks to the Avis Comfort Adviser, Ed Smith, and Colby helping bring my furnace up to code. The City Inspector said Avis did a beautiful job.

- Joe, San Bernardino, CA 2011

I am happy to say I love my new ductwork in the attic, and all the work you have done for us. Your team is always professional and courteous and I love your shoe covers! Keep up the great job.

- Chris, Upland, CA 2009

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the entire staff of Avis Plumbing, Heat & Air. Your call takers are always so nice and the technicians never miss a beat. I enjoy the 2 heating and air conditioning units you installed last summer. They work great! I will see your team in September for my maintenance call.

- Byron, Redlands, CA 2010

Thanks for the excellent service at my house. The ductwork and the tankless water heater work excellent. We can take an hour shower and never run out of water. The family loves it.

- Jason, Montclair, CA 2005

Avis has lived up to their promises. Both AC units look and work great. Glad your company did electric with the installation of the equipment. The follow up after your installation is important, and your team does it well over the phone and in the field.

- Beck, Yucaipa, CA 2009

We want to take a moment to thank you for the new furnace in our basement. Both heater and HEPA filter work and sound great. The old heater was a gas pig and very noisy. I’m glad we used Avis!

- David, Crestline, CA 2008

The Honeywell zoning system works like a charm. Just imagine, 3 separate zones. What a great idea! It has helped save on electric and gas bills.

- Jay, Corona, CA 2010

My wife and I are so happy we called Avis. Another duct cleaning company wanted $5000.00 for the job, and Avis did it for less than half the price. I also signed up on your maintenance program.

- George, Riverside, CA 02010

Both units are very quiet. Your recommendations were right on and that’s why we went with your company. Keep up the hard work and we’ll keep up the maintenance program.

- Donna, Calimesa, CA 2010

I am very satisfied with all your workmanship. Your installers are hard workers. Jaithen and Raul are awesome together. We love the zoning system. I received the state rebate about 2 weeks ago, and the Edison rebate about a month ago.

- Mike, Redlands, CA 2011

We love all the work you have done for us. Jaithen and Anthony sure know their stuff. Thanks to Ed for the good price on the solar system. We are happy we selected your company.

- Linda, Grand Terrace, CA 2010

The solar power system is works good. The inspector said Avis has done a quality job on the roof with the panels and the inverter. I am looking forward to lower power bills for many years to come.

- Doris, Highland, CA 2010

Bob and Chris, the plumbers, gave me a great price with the tankless water heater and installation. I am looking forward to the $1500 tax credit!

- Tom, Chino Hills, CA 2011

I called over 10 companies and no one would call me back on Christmas day. Finally I called Avis and your technician John called me back in 15 minutes. He came and repaired the broken water line within one hour. I will call Avis before I call anyone else in the future.

- Mark, Loma Linda, CA 2010

My wife and I would like to say what an awesome job you have done from start to finish. Most of all, the new R-30 attic insulation has changed our house. It is much cooler in the summer and not as cold in the winter. I recommend insulation to anyone.

- Morris, Fontana, CA 2011

The number one difference between Avis and your competition is your weekend service. Glen was at my house within one hour, and the air conditioner was up and running. I signed up for your club maintenance program. See you next month!

- Sean, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 2011

Julio is one of the best technicians I’ve ever seen. He used his camera to locate a crack in my heat exchanger where other companies have not.

- Beth, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 2010

My church had a major noise problem. Avis reduced the noise level in it by over 60%. Before Avis it sounded like a 747 jet landing in our church when the air was running. It was so hard to talk over the noise. Happy ending!

- Father Frank, Hesperia, CA 2002

Thanks for upstairs and downstairs heating and air conditioning. Everything you promised to us has been done. You have earned my trust. Thanks again.

- Will, Redlands, CA 2008

We are glad we went with your company. The Energy Star installation program definitely helped us make our decision. A perfect job installed, and $1250.00 cash rebate. What a treat!

- Bill, Clairmont, CA 2010

We received excellent service and installation of our new central heat and cooling system. My wife and I enjoy the 3 separate zones and we’re also saving money. We noticed a cleaner house with the filtration system, and are looking forward to the rebates.

- Roger, Colton, CA 2010

I shopped around and found your company to be the best value. The Edison Program Energy Star installation was a must for my decision. My power bills are half of what they were last year, and I run the a/c more. Thanks!

- Tony, Upland, CA 2010

Your senior technician, referred me to you after my old systems were giving me trouble. Glen said that Avis built the quietest systems ever, and yes, I can vouch for that! When the old furnace would come on it sounded like a train coming through our house. Now I don’t hear anything!

- Ed, Upland, CA 2010

My family and I love the new heating and air system you installed over Christmas. The price was right and the installation was great. It’s always a pleasure working with the Avis crew. Keep up the good work!

- Tom. La Verne, CA 2010?

Great job on the Edison Program. All the work passed with flying colors and I received my rebate of $1250.00 like you promised. The HEPA filter works great. I will refer you to my family and friends.

- Mike, Loma Linda, CA 2010

Ed smith came out to give me an estimate and we love him. He is the nicest guy in the world.

- Nancy, Norco, CA 2009

I just wanted to thank Ed Ballard for his patience with us. We saved our money to do it right, even though it took 6 months! I am happy we did the complete job with new ductwork and registers.

- John, Upland, CA 2010

Our ductwork was leaking over 55% of the air in the attic. Avis reduced air leakage to 11%. That’s a savings of 44% in just my ductwork! Thanks again for explaining to me how I’m saving money in both winter and summer.

- Steve, Upland, CA 2010

I have never seen so much work, and science, and testing go into a heating and air conditions installation. I’m looking forward to lower power bills and rebates of $2500.00.

- Jose, Woodcrest, CA 2010

Thanks to Bob and Chris I am now happy to have a new tankless water heater. No more running our of hot water! They were right, it saves on my gas bill and the rebate for the tax credit is $1500.00.

- Scott, Chino Hills, CA 2010

Please change our maintenance program from year-to-year to ongoing. Chris said it is cheaper for me because it will never go up in price. So lock us in now, and thanks!

- Terry, Loma Linda, CA 2009

I wanted to follow up with you regarding the service you ordered for us last Friday. Matt showed up on time and did a terrific job of programming the air quality circulation and explaining it to me. He also was kind enough to say he would personally walk me through the programming should I have questions at any time. I appreciate that very much. It’s the extra care your company employees provide that makes the difference, and Matt is exceptional. He took the time needed and also talked me into the air cleaning system. I forget what it’s called but it is supposed to help if we have allergies. Again, I appreciate you arranging for the service, and I appreciate Matt very much for his professionalism, his knowledge, and his quality service.

- Luella M.

I just want to take the time and thank you for the work you did for us. You installed a brand new heating and air conditioner unit on our house this last January. The unit is very quiet and keeps our house the same temperature in all the rooms. We used to have problems with hot and cold spots all the time. This new thermostat is amazing and it talks – too funny! It’s so easy to just set the temp we want and our house is always comfortable. I must say though, the best part is the electric bill. I had no idea that it was going to be affected. Our bill was $100.00 less than last month. Our electric bill has NEVER been that low. Thank you! We couldn’t be happier!

- Rhonda S. - 2014

Kris and Richard were very helpful with their inspection. They answered all my questions and explained what was needed. It’s rare to find service technicians where they take the time to explain. Thank you!

- Mike S. - 2014

The technician that came to my home was Jonathan. He took his time to explain everything to me. He was patient with me and all my questions. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and in the time he said it would take. I would definitely call on him again if needed. Thank you for your great service!

- James H. - 2014

I just wanted to thank Kris for his professional customer service. It’s rare these days to find someone that truly believes in customer service and delivers. He answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable in my decision. I would surely use Avis again!

- William F. - 2014

I am what you might say skeptical of anyone whom makes customer service promises, guarantees to deliver what was promised, and state they back up those guarantees. Ed and his company Avis Plumbing and Heating has exceeded my expectations, have delivered on everything they promised, and made me a believer in his company.

“Initially, my wife and I had decided to replace our AC/Heating system which was over 20 years old. We had contacted several companies in our area, all of which were highly rated on the Angie’s List, YP, and Yelp. However, we decided to use AVIS based on the many years the company had been in business and upon the initial inspection with Ed. Ed asked us what we were wanting in the our new system. He provided us with direct answers to all our questions. He was polite, professional, and courteous.

“My wife suffers from respiratory bronchitis and Ed was very sympathetic and genuinely concern. He laid out an economical and clean system unit and accessory (Aprilaire® and air scrubber) that we could afford. In addition, we found we could also have the insulation removed, sanitized, and replace with ecofriendly insulation all within our budget (wasn’t the case with other companies).

“Upon installation, lead technician Chris explained the ins and outs of our new system, was very friendly, and quite professional thru-out the installation process. Thank you Chris!

“I can go on and on about how happy my wife and I are about the service we received. My wife is breathing better and I’m getting a good night’s sleep.

“Many thanks to AVIS for living up to and delivering on your commitment to make a skeptic like me a believer in customer service once again!”

- Robert and Dona - 2014

AVIS did a spectacular job installing our new heat and air conditioning. The installers were very professional and the clean-up they did after the work was done was wonderful. I would highly recommend them!

- Marilyn M. - September 2014