When you want high quality plumbing, heating, or air conditioning services in Loma Linda, CA, you need look no further for the professionals to handle the job than A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. We provide outstanding work for both homes and businesses, and we have for more than 60 years. No matter the size and extent of the job, you can depend on our skilled and licensed staff to take care of it, fast and right. Contact us today to find out more about our wide range of residential HVAC aservices.

Do You Need an Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning Services in Loma Linda, CA?

One of our specialties at A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is providing air conditioning services. Consider how hot it can get in Loma Linda, CA, it’s an important part of our business to make sure that homes have the cooling they need to make it through some tough, sweltering days. We install many different AC models, and provide any sort of repairs a malfunctioning air conditioner may require. We also have a maintenance program to see that your cooling system continues to work with as few problems as possible–and for as long as possible.

We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioner starts to falter during one of the hottest days of the year, you will want to call in professionals with the training necessary to get the system working once again, and as soon as possible. You should contact A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to handle all the work: our technicians are experienced and dedicated to seeing that you receive quality air conditioning repair service. When you trust to us, you will have your comfort restored in no time at all.

Do You Need a Heating System or Heater Services in Loma Linda, CA?

Yes, Loma Linda, CA experiences cold days. Although they may not match the snowy conditions to the north, they will still cause discomfort in a home that doesn’t have a heating system ready to go to work. A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. installs a variety of heaters (electric and gas furnaces, ductless mini splits) and repairs and maintains them as well. Whether you need a replacement furnace or you want to schedule speedy heater services for a failing ductless heater, give us a call.

Types of Furnaces We Offer and Service

Furnaces are the most common devices for providing cold weather relief in homes, and almost all furnaces today are either gas–powered or electric–powered. Regardless of which one you have installed in your house (or want to have installed) you can count on our heating technicians to take care of all the work that will keep you and your family warm and safe for many years in the future.

Gas Furnace

Natural gas piped into a home is an excellent source of fuel for a furnace. Natural gas burns cleanly and efficiently, and these furnaces deliver an amount of heat that few other systems can match. Natural gas is also a less expensive option for fuel than electricity. Call our HVAC technicians today for installation or service for a gas furnace.

Electric Furnace

What if your home doesn’t have a natural gas line? Or you have concerns about carbon monoxide leaks? We have an alternative for you: an electric furnace. These heaters are less expensive to install and offer long years of service with simple maintenance and repair needs. Contact A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to find out more details about electric furnaces.

Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

The heavy insulation on modern homes does a superb job of protecting energy efficiency–but it also has the side effect of restricting the flow of fresh outdoor air to the indoors, causing a drop in air quality inside homes. A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. would like to help you attain better quality air inside your home. We install air purifiers and air filtrations systems, and also offer service for humidifiers and dehumidifiers. To find out more about how we can improve your indoor air quality in Loma Linda, CA, please give our IAQ specialists a call today.

We Install and Service Air Purifiers

Air purifiers work in a variety of fashions: mechanical filters, UV irradiation, and electronic ionization. But they all have one goal in common, and that is to remove contaminants from inside the air that is circulating through your HVAC system. Trust to our indoor air quality experts to find out what airborne pollutants are in your home and the air purification system that will target and remove them. You can trust to our technicians to install and service your air purifiers as needed.

We Install and Service Humidifiers

When the air in a home becomes too dry, a single portable humidifier is insufficient to reverse the problem. For a better solution, call on our technicians to fit your HVAC system with a whole–house humidifier that will eliminate the arid conditions. You will enjoy better cold weather comfort, and everyone in your household will experience improved health as well.

We Install and Service Dehumidifiers

Humid conditions inside a home can be quite unpleasant during warm weather, and an air conditioning system can end up putting in serious overtime (and costing money) to try to overcome it. Humidity also encourages mold and mildew growth and can inflict water damage on a home. Give A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. a call for a solution: installation of a whole–house dehumidifier. We also repair and maintain dehumidifiers so they keep up with their important job.

Are You in Need of a Local Plumber or Plumbing Services in Loma Linda, CA?

Put away the wrenches and the tool belt. You don’t need them, because you’ve found a local plumbing service you can count on in Loma Linda, CA whenever you need work of any kind done on your home’s pipes, fixtures, and water–using appliances. The plumbers at A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. are here to provide you with whatever service you need, for any job large or small, when it comes to your home’s plumbing. We do everything, including new installations, work on gas piping and water mains, slab leak repairs, and drain unclogging. Get in touch with one of our plumbers today to schedule service.

We Offer Plumbing Repair Service

Has something gone wrong with your home’s plumbing? Whether it’s pinhole leaking, an overflowing toilet, or low water pressure, you can place your full confidence in our plumbers to manage the task so whatever we fix stays fixed. It doesn’t matter the size of the job: we are glad to take care of it. Call us today to schedule plumbing repair service with us.

We Install and Service Water Heaters

Do you need to install a water heater for a new home? Are you in the market for a new type of water heater, such as a tankless model, to replace your aging current system? Do you require skilled repairs to get your water heater running again? Or do you only want a regular maintenance visit to see that the water heater will be fine for the next year? Call us for all of these services, and you will have few problems in the future from your water heater.