When you need to have service for your air conditioning, heating, or plumbing in your home in Sun City, CA, don’t look to inexperienced amateurs to do the job. You can call on a company that has more than six decades of history working on installing, repairing, and maintaining HVAC and plumbing systems: A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. We also offer plumbing services, and our technicians are skilled and trained to see to all of your HVAC and plumbing needs as well. You no longer need to worry about finding the home services you require–call us first!

Do You Need an Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning Services in Sun City, CA?

A place with a name like Sun City, CA is going to experience numerous hot days. An air conditioning system in a home is a must–and so are professional air conditioning services to see that the AC works the best throughout the long hot season. A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is proud to offer quality comprehensive services for air conditioners in the area. When it’s time for a new AC, targeted repairs, or routine maintenance services, make us your first and only choice.

We Offer Air Conditioning Installation

Understanding the best type of air conditioner to install for a home, and the size of that air conditioner, requires professional knowledge and experience. Our air conditioning experts are here to help you locate the right new AC and provide a speedy and effective air conditioning installation so that your home enjoys cool temperatures whenever it needs them.

We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioner simply isn’t doing the job it should, call our technicians to arrange for professional air conditioning repair service. We can take care of any trouble that your AC may encounter, such as frozen coils, burnt–out motors, failed capacitors, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Don’t wait: call as right away before the problem can worsen and become pricier to fix.

We Offer Air Conditioning Maintenance

How often should you have your air conditioning system maintained? The answer is “once a year.” When you sign up for the Comfort Club from A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., you’ll receive an annual visit–usually during the spring–from one of our skilled technicians, who will provide your home’s AC with a thorough inspection and tune–up. This way, you can count on many years of efficient cooling with few repair issues.

Do You Need a Heating System or Heater Services in Sun City, CA?

The sun isn’t always out in Sun City, CA. Having a heating system to provide your house with warmth during those days and nights is an important part of year–round comfort. The HVAC professionals at A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offer installation and other heater services for a wide range of different systems, including gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless heating. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can heat your home effectively and efficiently.

We Offer Heating Repair

If you notice that your home isn’t as warm as it should be when the unit is running, call up our technicians for fast heating repair service. It’s crucial that you rely on professional repairs and that you contact us as soon as you notice anything is amiss with your heater: we will handle fixing the system safely and preventing the malfunction from becoming worse and leading to a full system breakdown.

Types of Furnaces We Offer and Service

We are glad to offer services for the most common kind of furnaces found in homes: the natural gas furnace and the electric furnace. If you are considering installation of a new furnace and you cannot decide if you should invest in gas power or electric power, let us take care of the difficult work. We will identify the furnace that will provide you with the combination of warmth and energy–saving performance you desire.

Gas Furnace

For homes that have a natural gas line, a gas furnace is a superlative choice for comfort. Natural gas is inexpensive compared to other fuel sources, is readily available, and burns cleanly. You must only allow licensed technicians to install, repair, and maintain a gas furnace.

Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces use electrical resistance heating to create warmth, and this makes them a good option for families that do not want to use natural gas in their home–or if they lack a connection to a natural gas line. With regular maintenance and prompt repair work, an electric furnace can outlast many other types of heating systems.

Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

Do you know what is traveling through the air in your home? You might be surprised–and not in a good way. Low indoor air quality has become an increasing problem in homes because very little fresh air from outside is allowed to circulate through the rooms. But A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can assist you with improving the air in your home. We install and service air filters, air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, as well as offer duct cleaning services. Call us today to find out more about what we can do for your home’s indoor air quality in Sun City, CA.

We Install and Service Air Purifiers

Air purifiers remove contaminants that lower indoor air quality. There are different types of air purifications systems, ranging from mechanical filters to electronic air cleaners that ionize that air. The one that will work best for your home is something you will need a professional to determine for you. Call our indoor air quality experts today to get started with finding the right air purifier, or if you need service for your current air purifier.

We Install and Service Humidifiers

A common trouble with the air inside homes in the Inland Empire is low humidity. This causes discomfort in colder weather, cracking along wood surfaces, peeling wallpaper, and dried sinuses and other respiratory problems. Portable humidifiers will only affect a single room, so depend on A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to install a whole–house humidifier that will help you eliminate dry air problems.

We Install and Service Dehumidifiers

Excess humidity is also a serious problem for homes, since it leads to water damage, unhealthy mold growth, and warm temperatures that are much harder to tolerate. If you need to run your air conditioning all the time to overcome muggy, humid air, call our technicians to fit your HVAC system with a whole–house dehumidifier. You’ll save money and have a healthier home as well.

Are You in Need of a Local Plumber or Plumbing Services in Sun City, CA?

Homeowners often try to handle their own residential plumbing projects, which is not a good idea. It takes licensed plumbers with years of training to provide the installation of pipes and appliances, repairs, and drain cleaning services that will take care of home plumbing. If you need a local plumber in Sun City, CA who offer all the plumbing work you might require, call up A-Avis Home Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. and we will arrange to get the job done. Our plumbing services are comprehensive.

We Offer Plumbing Repair Service

If you have a clogged drain, a toilet that won’t stop running, leaking pipes, a busted sump pump, low water pressure, or any other problem with your residential plumbing, call one of our skilled plumbers right away. We can solve the issue and see that it stays fixed. No plumbing repair is too large or too small.

We Install and Service Water Heaters

A water heater serves one of the most important functions in a home, but it is often taken for granted–until it stops working. When you call on us for water heater installation, repairs, or maintenance, we will put our years of experience to work for you so that your water heater continues to provide your family with the daily supply of hot water it needs. We also install and service tankless water heaters.