Answers to Home Heating Not Working

Answers to Home Heating Not Working

Home Heating Not Working

Before calling your HVAC technician, try a few simple remedies to fix your home heating not working. While your furnace contractor is needed for more serious conditions, a small change might do the trick.

Home Heating Not Working to Clean Air

If your furnace isn't producing clean air, check the air filter.

First, examine the air filter in your furnace. When the air feels unclean, the cause generally lies within filtration. The air filter should be replaced regularly. Once every few months should suffice for most homes.

When the air filter is overused, it creates resistance, blocking air from entering the furnace. In turn, this leads to several other problems. Energy expenditure rises. The system experiences unneeded stress. Home heating and air conditioning quality dips.

To keep your home air clean:

  • Replace the air filter
  • Have the furnace and air conditioner maintained
  • Wipe down registers and vents

These changes should cure home heating not working to clean air.

Home Heating Not Working to Heat Air

If your furnace isn't working, it's best to call an HVAC professional.

When the home heating fails to heat air, the problem lies within a critical part. This may include the fire exchanger, compressor or even gas lines. However, most contractors who find the home heating not working also discover simpler explanations.

To fix your home heating not working to heat air, try:

  • Setting the thermostat five degrees higher than the room temperature.
  • Open all vents and clear furniture away from registers. Clear pathways ensure maximum airflow.
  • Reset the power breaker. Sometimes, kinks in energy routes can cause hiccups.
  • Check that the gas valves are open and functioning.

If none of these solutions fix your home heating not working to heat air, contact your furnace contractor. The issue may be more technical

Home Heating Not Working At All

Wondering why your home heating not working? Call the experts at Service Champions.

When home heating fails to work at all, there is a broad spectrum of what could have gone wrong.

Start with the simplest answers:

  • Has someone touched the thermostat? Check to see if it is set at the desired temperature.
  • Has there been a power outage? When either gas or electricity is unavailable, homeowners find the home heating not working.

For more serious issues, it is possible that:

  • A safety switch has tripped. When the central air system encounters a potential safety hazard, it automatically shuts down to prevent accidents.
  • The fire exchanger has been disabled. If the fire exchanger has been clogged with buildup, it is unable to house a fire, which means no heating.
  • Condenser unit has failed.

A professional should manage these issues for home heating not working. Your HVAC contractor is your best resource for safe operation.

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