How a Faulty Thermostat Can Ruin Your Heating

The thermostat is the most often overlooked component in an HVAC system. In fact, people usually think of it as separate from the HVAC system. However, it’s the control panel for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system—it’s as crucial as the inner workings of the AC and furnace (or other heating system). If the thermostat isn’t working right, the house won’t have the comfort and air circulation it needs.

Problems with a thermostat can often cause heating troubles during our winters because we’re less accustomed to using the heating system. Uneven heating and cold spots in the house may be chalked up to just “how the heater works.” But the thermostat may be the source of these troubles, and below we’re going to look at how faults in a thermostat can mean your household heating taking a hit.

ONE: The Miscalibrated Thermostat

A miscalibrated thermostat is one that isn’t reading the temperature correctly. Even a few degrees of miscalibration can have a significant effect on comfort in a house, causing the thermostat to turn off the heating system before reaching the desired temperature or allowing it to run longer after reaching the desired temperature. The house will end up too cool or too hot. If a professional finds that your heating issues are due to a miscalibrated thermostat, it’s easy to have it recalibrated.

TWO: The Poorly Located Thermostat

If you are in a new home or you have recently had a new HVAC system and thermostat put in, heating troubles may arise if the thermostat is put in the wrong place. A thermostat must be located near the center of the house so it picks up average temperature readings and away from windows and direct sunlight. If the thermostat is in a bad location, it will pick up “ghost readings,” sensing the house is hotter or colder than it is so it makes the heater turn on and off at the wrong times.

THREE: Wiring Problems

The standard wiring for thermostats consists of four wires: two to turn the blower on/off and two to turn the heater on/off. If one of these wires comes loose, it will mean the thermostat will no longer have control over part of the HVAC system’s operation. If the heater won’t stop running or won’t respond to the thermostat at all, this may be the trouble. However, because there are other possible issues for these problems, always call an expert to diagnose what’s wrong.

FOUR: Software Issues

The modern Wi-Fi and smart thermostats are small computers that operate on software. Like any software, it can malfunction or it may even have a glitch in it. Please keep the manual for your thermostat so you can follow along with troubleshooting steps for potential software issues. If you can’t resolve the problem with a software update or system reboot, it’s time to call for our experts.

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